Advantages of quantitative research methods

All quantitative experiments use a single standard format. The research is constructed in such a way that it enables other people to repeat a certain experiment and still get similar results.

Advantages of quantitative research methods

Strengths of survey research include its cost effectiveness, generalizability, reliability, and versatility. Weaknesses of survey research include inflexibility and issues with validity.

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Exercises What are some ways that survey researchers might overcome the weaknesses of this method? Find an article reporting results from survey research remember how to use Sociological Abstracts?

How do the authors describe the strengths and weaknesses of their study? Are any of the strengths or weaknesses described here mentioned in the article? Describe the various types of longitudinal surveys. Define retrospective surveys, and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of the various methods of delivering self-administered questionnaires.

The Qualitative-Quantitative Debate

There is much variety when it comes to surveys. This variety comes both in terms of time—when or with what frequency a survey is administered—and in terms of administration—how a survey is delivered to respondents.

Time In terms of time, there are two main types of surveys: Cross-sectional surveys Surveys that are administered at one point in time. These surveys offer researchers a sort of snapshot in time and give us an idea about how things are for our respondents at the particular point in time that the survey is administered.

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My own study of older workers mentioned previously is an example of a cross-sectional survey. I administered the survey at just one time. Religious doubts and mental health in adolescence and young adulthood: The association with religious attitudes.

Journal of Adolescence, 34, 39— These researchers administered a single, one-time-only, cross-sectional survey to a convenience sample of high school and college students. The researchers found from analysis of their cross-sectional data that anxiety and depression were highest among those who had both strong religious beliefs and also some doubts about religion.

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To disclose or not: Publicness in social networking sites.A mixed method approach capitalizes on the advantages of the quantitative and qualitative methods while offsetting the drawbacks of each. For instance, a principal interested in building rapport with parents of school children might undertake a mixed method study.

Advantages of quantitative research methods

John W. Creswell, PhD, is a professor of family medicine and co-director of the Michigan Mixed Methods Research and Scholarship Program at the University of Michigan. He has authored numerous articles and 28 books on mixed methods research, qualitative research, and research design.

While at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he held the Clifton Endowed Professor Chair, served as director of. Jul 27,  · An organization uses a variety of forecasting models to assess possible outcomes for the company.

Advantages of quantitative research methods

The methods used by an individual organization will depend on . Download free books at Business Research Methods 5 Key differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods and how and why.

A brief comparison of distinct advantages and disadvantages of this research method is as under: Advantages and disadvantages of Quantitative research Advantages of Quantitative Research Disadvantages of Quantitative Research.

It is objective and can be measured so that comparisons can be made. Findings can be biased by researchers' perspective. Quantitative Research Examples, Definition, Types and Advantages. Quantitative research involves methods used to gather information using sampling methods such as online surveys from existing and.

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