An argument against deforestation in the worlds forest

Early awareness[ edit ] Levels of air pollution rose during the Industrial Revolutionsparking the first modern environmental laws to be passed in the midth century Early interest in the environment was a feature of the Romantic movement in the early 19th century. The poet William Wordsworth had travelled extensively in the Lake District and wrote that it is a "sort of national property in which every man has a right and interest who has an eye to perceive and a heart to enjoy".

An argument against deforestation in the worlds forest

Our Blue and Green Planet What makes our planet so different from the rest? Our rainforests were here long before we humans ever existed on our planet. It is home to thousands of species of plants, animals and home to indigenous forest people.

Now because of us, our forests are almost gone. This "disappearing" is also known as deforestation. And it is hurting the planet. Why Deforestation Hurts Deforestation is when trees are chopped down to clear a forest so the land can be used for other purposes. Tropical deforestation is the 2nd biggest contributor to climate change.

We will share with you some deforestation facts and statistics, to show you how it affects our environment and how we can help stop it.

Fast Forest Facts 13 million hectares of forest have been converted for other uses or destroyed by natural causes. Up to 28, species can go extinct in the next quarter century due to deforestation. This is roughly the size of India.

Cures for diseases have been found in plants and the raw materials come from our tropical rainforests. Our Reasons for Cutting Down Trees Agriculture Farmers need more land to plant their crops and for livestock to graze on.

They chop down the trees and burn them. Logging Trees are cut down to provide the wood and paper requirements of our ever growing population. In the process of harvesting the wood, trees have to be cleared to give access to logging equipments, as well.

Illegal logging is now being strictly implemented and most business are moving into a paper free environment. Bio Fuels The rising popularity of Palm Oil and its increased value is the main cause of deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia. Palm oil is used in food and beauty products. Many countries are debating whether Palm Oil Should be banned as a bio-fuel.

Soy, Ethanol and other biofuel plantations play a major part in the loss of our forests. For Fuel Most developing countries use firewood and charcoal for heating their homes and cooking their food.

Roads and Highways Our progress required that we travelled from one place to another the fastest possible way. This means roads and highways. Mining A lot of forested areas are rich in minerals and are vulnerable to mining operations.

What are trees, compared to gold or diamonds? But the barrenness of a world without trees is not the only reason for concern. Global Warming is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere in great amounts. Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while at the same time producing oxygen and releasing water vapor into the atmosphere.

Whenever we clear acres of them, they lose their habitat and die. Flooding and Erosion Areas that have been deforested are prone to flooding because of the absence of tree roots to hold the soil down. Since the soil is more exposed to the sun, it eventually dries out and cannot be used for farming.

Erosion also causes contaminants in the soil to make their way into our water supply — contaminating streams and lakes and other water sources. This decreases the quality of our drinking water.

We cannot afford to lose more of our forests. We need to do our share to help stop it now before we suffer the devastating consequences.Mar 21,  · Deforestation generally increases the amount of food that can be grown.

An argument against deforestation in the worlds forest

It also greatly increases the amount of rainwater that reaches streams and dams, and so enhances human survival. The arguments against deforestation are mostly emotive and Status: Resolved. Deforestation facts: Deforestation is the conversion of forested areas to non-forest land for use such as arable land, pasture, urban use, logged area, or wasteland.

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