Congressional oversight its functions and criticism

He offered well-deserved kudos to the Mexican government, which acted swiftly and decisively, and to the larger fact that governments are simply different — better equipped, better prepared, with a wholly different mindset — than they were in The fear of disaster spurred sweeping responses to both swine flu and economic trauma, thereby likely preventing the disasters that were forecast.

Congressional oversight its functions and criticism

This default congressional tendency of leaving the White House unconstrained on foreign policy may, however, shift in response to changing international circumstances.

Congress Must Not Abandon Its Critical Oversight Function

The Senate bill demands suspension of US weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, a ban on US refueling of Saudi aircraft bombarding Yemen, and inquiries into human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and of war crimes committed in Yemen.

The senators are not impressed by realpolitik reasoning and are insisting that the US must uphold human rights and humanitarian norms which have taken a backseat in American foreign policy.

On November 14, bipartisan companion bills were introduced in the Senate and the House of Representatives threatening to impose economic sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party. Read more Symbolic outrage? The still Republican-held US Senate has relatively greater foreign policy-related powers than the House.

Moreover, there are serious inconsistencies and contradictions in the foreign policy preferences of the Democrats themselves. InEngel killed a resolution in the House which would have forced Trump to curtail US support for the Saudi aerial bombing of Yemen then itself, long before the Khashoggi scandal erupted.

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Thus, if the US Congress becomes more progressive and activist in foreign policy from January, it will be on a selective and subjective basis.

The moral outrage is going to be aimed at specific countries but not at other nations which have powerful lobbies in Washington and have manufactured positive consensuses in their favor.

Read more US Senate blocks plan to stop an arms sale to Bahrain — one of the countries bombing Yemen The general double standards which inform the foreign policy of the American executive branch, wherein allies get a pass on human rights and democracy while antagonists are pilloried, also operate in the US Congress.

Congressional oversight its functions and criticism

This is despite the fact that the Sunni monarchy in Bahrain has repressed its majority Shia population with brutal force and has also partaken in the Saudi-led destruction of Yemen. American foreign policy is not going to undergo a major course correction or moral infusion as a result of one midterm election or improved congressional oversight and scrutiny over the White House.

A Democrat-controlled House will at best look to embarrass Trump on some foreign policy aspects for domestic score-settling. The laser-focus on Russia, for example, is a partisan political hobby horse and will go on as long as Trump remains in office. Think your friends would be interested?

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66 VI. Congress and the Art of Oversight of B. Congressional Oversight of 9/11 and its Failure Just when the Nation needed adroit and resolute oversight of functions, (2) fostering intelligence expertise among its members, and (3) experimenting with more decentralized and indirect forms.

A congressional commission led by a former Army undersecretary and retired Navy admiral concluded in that it had failed in its mission and relied too heavily on private contractors that had. Congress could clear up a substantial amount of ambiguity by specifying that in the conduct of its oversight it has reviewed past and ongoing targeted killing operations and is satisfied that in the conduct of its operations the U.S.

government is acting consistent with those sources of law.


Representation In representing the needs and views of their constituents, members of Congress sometimes act as trustees, as instructed delegates, or as a combination of the two roles.

A central function of the United States Congress is oversight of the executive branch. Congressional oversight, as exercised from the beginning of the nation, is an essential tool in making the. H.R. , called “the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act” —cynically referred to by its acronym as PROMESA which means “promise” in Spanish— establishes by order of Congress an Oversight Board for the island’s finances.

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