Does a strong democracy need good

Freedom Democratic states nearly always have freer people than autocratic states. They obviously have the right to vote for their government so by extension deciding the policy of their nation and what their nation should be like. They have more freedom of speech and expression than in autocracies.

Does a strong democracy need good

Download Democracy can take place in many different forms. For some, democracy is representative of the chocolate given to them by American soldiers following the Second World War.

For others, democracy may be represented by an American flag waving in the wind. Many more people might say democracy is simply having the right to vote.

All people have different notions of what democracy means to them, but what exactly is democracy?

Does a strong democracy need good

Why is it so popular? It is something that seems to give hope to struggling peoples. The term democracy can be viewed as an institutional, as well as a cultural process. Institutionally, democracy is founded on checks and balances.

It is a system of government implemented with the intent that no one branch or department of government can ever gain too much power McCormick There are limitations of power placed on each part of the government, thus forcing each department to work together, ensuring that the best interest of the people is maintained.

For example, the United States has three branches of government; the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judiciary branch McCormick These three branches must be in agreement in order to pass laws and bills.

For example, the president alone cannot pass a law or bill unless he has the required support from the legislative and judiciary branches.

Democracy is also institutionalized through the voting process. Democracies are denoted by having free and fair elections Linz and Stepan This means that the voting process is for the most part untainted. Those running for offices are to run clean campaigns.

No one person should have a monopoly of the media during their campaign.

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Each person should have the same ability to get there name and beliefs out there for the public to know. Those voting should feel free to vote for whomever they like. They should have private voting booths and make sure everybody who meets basic requirement set forth by the government has the same chance to partake in the electoral process.

Also, those who are elected need to be honest people. They need to, for the most part, keep the promises made during campaigning and work to serve the people. As it can be seen, there is clearly an institutional aspect to democracy. The government must have checks and balances to create limits on power and protect the best interest of the nation.

Without check and balances, the government could be too easily become corrupted Ottaway Just a few corrupt officials with power could corrupt the whole democratic system, creating something that is not really a democracy. The voting process must also be implemented and it must be a free and fair process.

Everyone should have the same right and ability to vote. If that was not the case, then whoever is elected would not necessarily be the favorite among the majority of the people.

And finally, those being elected must keep their word and work towards the good of the people who elected them.

8 most essential conditions necessary for the success of democracy

Without this basic foundation, the institution of democracy would not be able to be conceived. However, democracy can also be defined from a cultural standpoint.

When most people think of democracy, the first thing that comes to mind is typically not the blueprint for the system of checks and balances or the technical aspects of the voting process.

Many people think of democracy more as way of life. The word democracy entails the thought of freedom and opportunity for many people. Those living oppressed in dictatorships or authoritarian countries may view of democracy as new hope.

Democracy can be viewed as a mindset for those people; as a new way of life.8 most essential conditions necessary for the success of democracy. Like any other form of government democracy has also a few deficiencies and drawbacks.

Some philosophers propose greater democ­racy to correct the ills of the democracy. A strong presidency provides a representative democracy the benefits of unity, duration, adequate provision for its support, and competent powers. Unity defines as joining together as a whole.

Duration means the time which something continues. Competent power is . Aug 22,  · A strong democracy is government controlled by ALL the governed. A weak democracy is government controlled by SOME of the governed.

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An Elected Representative Democracy is weak, because the representatives can vote any way that they want (usually to retain or gain power).

What makes a successful democratic government? strong views on the Falkland Islands. Nevertheless, had Margaret Thatcher's government been defeated in the attempt to retake them after the Argentine invasion, it might well have fallen, so great was public outrage against the Argentinians. Successful government, then, does not consist .

What is Democracy?

DBQ Does a strong democracy need good citizens? Of course a strong demorcracy need good citizens. This is also true for moon colonies. But how many of each good citizens do we need to help this colony to stand erect on this world? Strong democracy does not mean politics as a way of life, as an all-consuming job, game, and avocation, as it is for so many professional politicians.

Does a strong democracy need good

But it does mean politics (citizenship) as a way of living: an expected element of one’s life. It is a prominent and natural role, such as that of “parent” or “neighbor”.

Why We Can’t Give Up on Democracy