Dorm and residence living

We do our best to find the one right for you. Campus housing is home to first-year and upperclass students.

Dorm and residence living

While you may be awake at 2 a. They need a break too!

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Trust me, being a Florida native, this past winter season was miserable. There is a reason everyone associates dorm food with them, ramen noodles and easy mac WILL be your lifesavers. Any variation of instant pasta will do, but these two are the cheapest. All you need is the pasta, water, and 3 minutes of your time, and then voila, you have yourself a whole meal!

If you want to get creative, add a few herbs and spices. My favorite is the classic ham and cheese it brings oreos!! For days you wish your classes were as easy as in elementary school, lunchables bring you one step closer to your inner 10 year old. For when you need something salty to munch on, these are the perfect snack items.

Dorm and residence living

Get a variety pack and avoid boredom. For those of you with a fridge, feel free to keep some cream cheese or butter. Why use a swipe trying to get a banana, when I could just take one the night before and save it in my room? The Target on Franklin sells them year round, so be sure to stock up.

Do I even need to explain this one? Perfect for on the go, perfect in the morning, perfect at night… There is really no bad time for granola bars or trail mix.

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Everyone has a sweet tooth. One of the great blessings of having a roommate is you guys can decide what each person is bringing. Now that room assignments are out, get in contact with your roommate and start talking about who is bringing what.

There is no point or space to have two of each item.College Checklist. Our college checklists have everything you need, plus some awesome extras.

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Dorm living. Life in the dorms can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable times in your life, but it can be tough to adjust and feel comfortable at first.

Housing & Residence Life. Greetings from the Savannah State University Office of University Housing and Residence Life. It is our sincere wish that you include on-campus housing as a part of your university experience.

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Find descriptive alternatives for dorm. Move-in Day at the University of the Best City Ever Students at the University of San Francisco move in to their dorm rooms. Parents and classmates help carry the load. Academic-Year (If you want to remain living in a residence hall between autumn and spring semester and over spring break, request this option.

There is an additional charge of $ per year, and preference is given to international and out-of-state students.

Dorm and residence living
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