Gym marketing

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Gym marketing

We like to keep things simple, so usually summarise these 5 elements on a single page.

#2 – Objectives

The goal is usually defined by management, so plug it into the top section. What are the bite-sized objectives that will contribute to the larger goal? If you want to increase the number of clients you have, then you could target a niche audience, position yourself as a specialist, partner with industry leaders, increase the proportion of tours that convert, and so on.

Think high-level here, so things like audience targeting, brand positioning, or increasing leads and conversions. This is the most detailed part, where you define deliverables such as ebooks, brochures, adverts etc and communication methods such as social media, email, advertising platforms etc.

Make sure your measurements link back to your objectives. Although clicks, reach, and attendees are interesting, they may not always be relevant.

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Including the 5 elements above will ensure your marketing contributes to your business goals, and actually gets you results. Buy it below or learn more here.

Want to outsource your gym marketing plan?The Marketing Funnel. These goals translate into our marketing funnel. This funnel is a simple visualization of the journey a prospect takes from learning about your club to converting into an engaged member that wants to purchase additional services and refer their friends.

A gym marketing plan has the same fundamentals as most strategy documents – your WHY (objectives), WHAT (strategies), and HOW (tactics). We’ve discussed these 3 elements before, in relation to social media strategy and content for a gym marketing plan it’s also important to include your overall business goal, and how you’ll measure the impact of each activity.

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Innovative Marketing Ideas for Your Gyms That Your Competitors are Missing

Here are 10 advertising and marketing ideas to increase gym membership sales at your fitness facility. Benefits of a Facebook Page.

Gym marketing

1. Facebook provides a great platform to keep members and fans up to date with the latest news at your gym.

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Let us help drive new members into your gym with our turn key direct mail/print, online, and mobile marketing solutions. Top 10 marketing tips for gyms including website creation, facebook fan pages, free passes, member referral programs, member challenges and social events.

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