N62 nightly business report

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N62 nightly business report

Each listed item will have a unique identifier assigned. Each ship prepares its own EGLs. The amount of time it takes to perform maintenance on each item should be considered to determine the number of items to include on an EGL.

Each EGL should contain no more than a single day's work.

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If more than 1 day is required, separate EGLs are prepared for each, and numbered consecutively. In some instances it may be unnecessary or impractical to list equipment on EGLs. The TGL contains the number of tags required, location of tags, position of the tagged item open, shut, off, on, etc.

Each ship prepares its own TGLs. Maintenance personnel will use these to perform assigned planned maintenance as follows: Perform maintenance as stated on the MRC, observing safety precautions and notes as indicated. Notify the Work Center Supervisor immediately whenever one or more of the following conditions exist: Equipment deficiencies or casualties are 6 Any provisions or requirements on the MRC cannot be strictly adhered to or accomplished as prescribed.

Maintenance actions not fully completed will be reported to the Work Center Supervisor for rescheduling if still within periodicity, or listed as to the reason why it was not completed, as applicable.

These MRCs are to be maintained in the PMS Master File and in the applicable Work Center file for informational purposes, to facilitate the scheduling of maintenance actions related to ship visits and should be documented as complete when the check has been completed.

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The only modifications which shipboard personnel may make to the MRCs are as follows: It must be ensured that substitutions satisfy both the basic maintenance and safety requirements of the MRC.

Recommended changes should include all information available. Each command has the prerogative to increase the frequency of performance of specified planned maintenance actions to meet local conditions.

There may be instances where an obvious typographical error has been made on the MRC example: This type of error should not prevent the scheduling or performance of maintenance.

Extreme caution shall be taken when reviewing MRCs for this type of error. The purpose of this data is to record readings or other historical data over a continuing period of time e.

n62 nightly business report

This documentation falls into two categories. Their purpose is to aid the ship in identifying and scheduling maintenance.

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The ship is responsible for developing interim MRC procedures based on experience and applicable technical manuals in support of these MIPs. Before scheduling preliminary MIP requirements, the Work Center Supervisor and the Department Head shall verify their applicability to installed equipment.

The approved MRCs will be provided following approval with the next update. Pen corrections are interim measures only for urgently required changes. The ACN reflecting the change must be kept on file until receipt of revised documentation.

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Periodicity of accomplishment; b. Deletion or modification of an existing maintenance requirement; c. Addition or modification of a MRC procedure note to clarify the context or description of a procedure step; d.

Procedure step modification to correct maintenance technical data, e. Addition, deletion, or modification of an MRC procedure step which significantly improves the technical accuracy of the task.

Addition or modification to the list of tools, parts, materials and test equipment. Control and tracking of each ACN will be accomplished in the following manner: The serial number consists of the originating activity code, MIP number, serial number, log number and date.

PMS Schedules are categorized as cycle, quarterly, and weekly schedules. Multi-month requirements shall be scheduled relative to the first quarter after IDTC reset.

A shore command's PMS Cycle shall be 20 quarters. Multiple month maintenance requirements will have the quarter indicated in parentheses, 30M-1 4 14for the periodicity. This block contains the ship's name and hull b.visits to drudge 11/22/ ,, past 24 hours ,, past 31 days 11,,, past year.

n62 nightly business report

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Nightly Business Report