Oil spill research paper outline

Introduction Zambia derives its name from the Zambezi River.

Oil spill research paper outline

ABSTRACT Cryopreservation is a method of stabilizing the condition of someone who is terminally ill so that they can be transported to the medical care facilities that will be available in the late 21st or 22nd century.

There is little dispute that the condition of a person stored at the temperature of liquid nitrogen is stable, but the process of freezing inflicts a level of damage which cannot be reversed by current medical technology.

Whether or not the damage inflicted by current methods can ever be reversed depends both on the level of damage and the ultimate limits of future medical technology. The failure to reverse freezing injury with current methods does not imply that it can never be reversed in the future, just as the inability to build a personal computer in did not imply that such machines would never be economically built.

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This paper considers the limits of what medical technology should eventually be able to achieve based on the currently understood laws of chemistry and physics and the kinds of damage caused by current methods of freezing. It then considers whether methods of repairing the kinds of damage caused by current cryopreservation techniques are likely to be achieved in the future.

This simple fact provides an imperfect time machine that can transport us almost unchanged from the present to the future: If freezing damage can someday be cured, then a form of time travel to the era when the cure is available would be possible.

While unappealing to the healthy this possibility is more attractive to the terminally ill, whose options are somewhat limited. Far from being idle speculation, this option is available to anyone who so chooses.

First seriously proposed in the 's by Ettinger[80] there are now three organizations in the U. Perhaps the most important question in evaluating this option is its technical feasibility: Given the remarkable progress of science during the past few centuries it is difficult to dismiss cryonics out of hand.

The structure of DNA was unknown prior to ; the chemical rather than "vitalistic" nature of living beings was not appreciated until early in the 20th century; it was not until that spontaneous generation was put to rest by Louis Pasteur, who demonstrated that no organisms emerged from heat-sterilized growth medium kept in sealed flasks; and Sir Isaac Newton's Principia established the laws of motion injust over years ago.

If progress of the same magnitude occurs in the next few centuries, then it becomes difficult to argue that the repair of frozen tissue is inherently and forever infeasible.

Hesitation to dismiss cryonics is not a ringing endorsement and still leaves the basic question in considerable doubt.

Oil spill research paper outline

Perhaps a closer consideration of how future technologies might be applied to the repair of frozen tissue will let us draw stronger conclusions -- in one direction or the other.

Ultimately, cryonics will either a work or b fail to work. It would seem useful to know in advance which of these two outcomes to expect.

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If it can be ruled out as infeasible, then we need not waste further time on it. If it seems likely that it will be technically feasible, then a number of nontechnical issues should be addressed in order to obtain a good probability of overall success. The reader interested in a general introduction to cryonics is referred to other sources[23, 24, 80].Research Papers Outline Sample About Oil Spill.

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This sample Oil Spills Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. As this encyclopedia goes to press, an oil spill resulting from the explosion of the British Petroleum drilling platform Deepwater Horizon is still flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from 64 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of Louisiana; it.

MISERICORDIA UNIVERSITY BP Oil Spill Business Law Evans, Rebecca 10/23/ This paper includes information regarding the BP Oil spill. References are listed at the bottom. Currently headquartered in London, BP is one of the largest producers of both oil and natural gas.

Essay Outline Sample 5 - Citations