Recycling behavior among university students

However, recent concerns focus on universities as it mirrors the national household waste statistics especially those provide residential accommodations operating similarly to small cities. The present study aims to identify the unique predictors from the expanded Theory of Planned Behavior TPB variables recycling attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control and past recycling behavior on recycling intentions among university students. The present study employed a quantitative research approach and correlational research design. A total of Malaysian university students who live in the residential colleges provided in University of Putra Malaysia UPM with average age of 22 years old recruited as respondents through cluster sampling technique.

Recycling behavior among university students

The relationship among the built environment, transportation behavior, and population health: Comparison of two cities. Skin cancer risk and other health risk behaviors: Cultivating healthy school environments: The impact of school-based nutrition and garden programs on parental dietary behavior in low-income settings: A call to action.

Recycling behavior among university students

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Changing the drinking attitudes, norms, and, behaviors among college students. The effectiveness of a point-based program to increase physical activity. Gender differences in problem solving abilities: Implications for health promotion.

College student problem solving abilities, perceived stress, and physical health.Examination of Environmental Knowledge and Perceived Pro-Environmental Behavior Among Students of University Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, recycling and green consumption.

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Investigating the Determinants of Recycling Behavior in Youth by Using Theory of Planned Behavior. Investigating the Determinants of Recycling Behavior in Youth by Using Theory of behavior among undergraduate students of University of South Florida (USF).

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Start your journey in education today! Determinants of saving behaviour among the university students in Malaysia iii DECLARATION We hereby declare that: (1) This undergraduate research project is the end result of our own work and that due acknowledgement has been given in the references to ALL sources of information be thy printed, electronic, or personal.

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The results of this study of first year university students are consistent with the literature and emphasized the strong motivating factor of social norms.

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Four attitudes and recycling behavior in a study of university students. Specifically, a high correlation between attitudes and recycling behaviors was observed.

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