Stop and search demonstrations

The following table summarizes these differences: After recording, you can see the individual slides in the Filmstrip. Is not based on the 'slide' paradigm. After recording, the file contains a single video clip that you can see in the Timeline.

Stop and search demonstrations

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Many institutions require candidates for faculty positions to present a teaching demonstration as part of the interview process.

Stop and search demonstrations

To help job candidates prepare for this and to assist departments in planning how to structure this portion of the interview, we surveyed biology faculty from community and liberal arts colleges and master's- and PhD-granting institutions concerning how their departments assess teaching potential.

We also asked survey respondents to share advice on how candidates can prepare for teaching demonstrations. Here we report on the survey results and offer suggestions based on comments from respondents.

Stop and search demonstrations

The job candidate for a biology department faculty position gives an outstanding research seminar, showing skill in formulating a hypothesis, carrying out meaningful research, analyzing data, forming conclusions, and translating work into the larger picture of science and society—it is an effective demonstration of the process of science.

However, during the teaching demonstration portion of the interview, rather than engaging the audience in the learning process, the candidate delivers a presentation with too many slides, each of which is packed with factual information.

The candidate interprets all the graphs and data for the audience, presents conclusions, and only intermittently asks whether the audience has any questions. Furthermore, the job candidate expects the audience to sit passively and absorb knowledge.

In short, the candidate shows little ability to help others learn the process of science. The wide discrepancy between the quality of the job candidate's research talk and teaching demonstration indicates inadequate preparation for the teaching component of the job interview.

There are a number of reasons that can explain lack of preparation, but two major ones are: Though each job candidate has been attending class since he or she was a child, few have had enough practice teaching, and even fewer have delineated the crucial aspects of effective teaching.

To help job candidates better understand faculty expectations of the teaching demonstration and to help departments think about how to structure this portion of the interview, we canvassed biology faculty from a variety of institutions across North America Table 1 as to the role and assessment of the teaching demonstration in the interview process.

We asked faculty who vote on tenure-track hiring decisions and are in departments in which a teaching demonstration is part of the interview process to identify the elements of an effective teaching demonstration and to give advice as to how candidates can prepare for this aspect of the interview.

The results of the survey, as well as representative comments from survey respondents, are presented below. Demographic information on survey respondents Institution type.Jun 18,  · Sections Home Search Skip to content Skip to from th Street to protest the Police Department's stop-and-frisk policies.

recent Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, organizers called for a. Independent panel - protests and demonstrations. The independent panel on the policing of protests and demonstrations provides strategic advice on how police manage major demonstrations, as well as being actively involved in police operations during live events.

Jun 04,  · Expand / Collapse search. Crowds at the demonstrations swelled to several thousand. Much of the city has been on edge after the deadly stabbing of two men who tried to stop another man's anti.

Mar 05,  · NEW YORK, NY - MARCH New York CIty Police officers watch over a demonstration against the city's 'stop and frisk' searches in lower Manhattan near Federal Court March 18, in New York City.

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stop a sit-down protest if it blocks road traffic or public walkways If there’s no march involved If there’s no march organised as part of your protest, you don’t have to tell the police. May 25,  · The idea of the “Stop The City” (STC) demonstrations was hatched by three London anarchists at a party in the early eighties.

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Fear of police stop and search can deter opioid users from carrying anti-overdose kits