Term paper on change management


Term paper on change management

Organizational impacts Financial implications While plans for a fully-integrated CRM system may look good on paper, and sound even better when a software vendor describes how effective it will be when the system has been installed, few CRM systems implementations can be made without a series of major challenges.

Each company will experience different problems and successes with the same CRM solution. However, research reveals that there are a few key issues involved with successfully implementing a CRM system that apply to most businesses Mattison, A major challenge to any major CRM consolidation and streamlining activity is organizational and political resistance.

Implementation of a new CRM solution that truly delivers high value returns on the investment must, by definition, break down barriers between departments, specialists, and legacy systems.

Of course, if those entities had wanted to be integrated and streamlined in the first place there would be no reason for the CRM system Mattison, Unfortunately, many businesses view CRM as a technical process, failing to realize that software and methodology can not resolve many of these issues.

That takes sensitivity, awareness, foresight, and persistence Mattison, When this is accomplished, a second set of challenges must be addressed: For telecom companies, architecture is often complex, and billing systems must be tailor made. The level of information retrieval and integration that most companies expect to get from their CRM systems deployments means that the data and systems challenges will be great.

When the systems integration process is complete and the new system in place, businesses must learn new ways of operating. Management's attitudes and pre-dispositions, as well as the company's core strategies and beliefs, must change, as well.

In most cases, management does not accurately predict the level of changes in corporate culture, values, and strategic direction that new, truly effective, and well integrated CRM solutions is bound to create Mattison, In many ways, CRM systems enhance the entire organization, as the experience of new systems implementation and utilization teaches employees on all levels to look for many other ways to improve the business.

Change Management Change management is an extremely important aspect of implementing a CRM system, as CRM initiatives rely more on shifts in work processes than they do on technology Milloy, Change management is a tool that, when used in its proper context, can help businesses integrate and maximize the potential of their CRM efforts.

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Effective Change Management involves a serious commitment of time, energy and resources directed towards preparing a business to use the new technology effectively. In addition, change management provides a way to reduce risks of failure, maximizing return on CRM investments in the technology.

Change management is often referred to as people management Brown, While many aspects of CRM relate mainly to the process and the tools, the people are the driving force behind the success of a CRM system. Any changes made by implementing CRM are bound to have a direct impact on how people do their jobs Brown, Businesses can expect that the majority of their employees will resist change.

However, with an effective change management strategy in place, resistance should not prevent a business from implementing a CRM system. The key to implementing a CRM system is employee acceptance. There are a number of proven techniques that are commonly used to minimize resistance and enable a company to resolve it when it occurs.

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The following are some of the most widely used methods Brown, Getting all employees involved in the change process early and thoroughly. With good change management techniques, employees often make good decisions and create plans that assist management. However, they are more likely to embrace the idea of CRM if they are allowed to be a part of it, rather than if management simply dictates it to them.This paper extensively highlights on issues that would help incept and make the concept of change management and its implementation in order bringing an understanding on .

EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT M. Radović - Marković Institute of Economic Sciences Belgrade, Serbia purposes of this paper, change—or, more precisely, organizational change—will be to short and long-term funding at reasonable rates, . CHANGE MANAGEMENT MODEL Change Management Model Change Management - Meaning and Important Concepts The business landscape of the 21st century is characterized by rapid change brought about due to technological, economic, political and social changes.

It is no longer the case that the managers and employees of firms in this decade can look forward to more of the same every year. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. How to Cite this Page. MLA Citation: "Change Management." - Change Management The purpose of this paper is to discuss organizational change and the management of that change.

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Term paper on change management

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