Weapon of mass destruction media essay

I stopped caring about my community, my neighbors, and those I serve.

Weapon of mass destruction media essay

Weapon of mass destruction media essay

I glanced at George Bush, standing at the opposite lectern, then faced the audience and proceeded to argue the case for my election as President of the United States. My adrenaline was flowing just the same; I relish the challenge of debating issues or causes.

This infatuation began in childhood when I would argue points with my parents and schoolmates. As my intellect grew, and my research skills became more sophisticated, I would seek occasions to employ my skills in a formal environment. I ran for student government, participated in mock debates, and took on class projects that required critical thinking.

My mother, a library media specialist, cultivated my love for reading. I enjoy chasing after a subject in the library, and watching all the pieces of information fall into place as a form the larger picture. Fiction has also been part of my intellectual diet.

Weapon of mass destruction media essay

Over the course of a novel, I can meet and get to know people who live in different times and different cultures—people whose lives I would never get a picture of without reading about them. Police barricades restrain the frenzied crowd as the white stretch limo pulls up to the curb.

A handsome young man steps out of the vehicle as his fans leaned over the partition, screaming for his autograph. I see this presented on television and in magazines as an image of success. Money and glamour are not the standards I use. For me to consider myself successful, I first will have to earn the respect of both my superiors and my peers.

But it must also come from the values they see me practice. I want to be respected not for money or grades or titles, but because I help improve the lives of the people around me. By my standards, success is about more than what you do. My success as a person depends on the support of family and friends.

They help me achieve success, and they are a part of that success. If I neglected those relationships to move up the career ladder, then my success would be empty. Finally, success is personal.

Of course I want recognition from my teachers and fellow students, and of course I want my family and friends to be proud of me.

But I also want to know that I put forth my best effort, and to me, being able to look yourself in the mirror is part of success. What work of art, music, science, mathematics or literature has surprised or unsettled or challenged you, and in what way?

The explosion was vast in magnitude. Light illuminated the infinite darkness of space, as matter hurtled outward from its primal source.

This is the Big Bang Theory of how our universe began some fifteen billion years ago. If we look through a sophisticated telescope, we can still see a miniscule portion of that matter, consolidated into galaxies, still racing away from its celestial womb. The origin and destination of that matter are a challenge to my imagination.

It could have come from a previous universe that collapsed upon itself. Then again, it could have been a divine force that sparked its inception.Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency enables the DoD and the U.S.

Government to prepare for and combat weapons of mass destruction and improvised threats and to ensure nuclear deterrence.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Everest University Online 12/14/ Amy Nelson Weapons of mass destruction include biological, chemical, and nuclear.

I will analyze the history of these three aspects of weapons of mass destruction, and give my opinion of the future threat of these weapons. Nov 16,  · Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation Countering the proliferation and use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons.

The fear of these weapons is so profound that, on the one hand, it spawned an entirely new concept of . Paradoxically, the same medical research we do to preserve life can turn into a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands. We’ve had mixed success .

Not a hunting rifle or a handgun -- a military-style, high-capacity-magazine assault weapon, a weapon of mass destruction, easily purchased. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban of expired in Banning Nuclear Weapons. FULL REPORT. MEDIA ADVISORY.

The use of a single nuclear weapon in an urban area would cause hundreds of thousands of casualties and massive social and economic destruction. Finally, a ban treaty would put nuclear weapons, where they belong, on the same footing as the other weapons of mass destruction.

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